Urban Planning…[growing a better community]


Our urban planning studio, focused on a community just north of Baltimore’s Inner Harbor. My group and I, started our analysis at the regional scale and discovered our site, Greenmount West to be at the center of broken system. On discovering a growing bike culture in Baltimore, our master plan began with adding rails-to-trails bike paths connecting the existing paths. Three loops now weaved through downtown Baltimore to the outlying suburbs with all three intersecting at Penn Station and Greenmount West.

Greenmount West is a community between a great amount of action. Residents live in the neighboring regenerated community, commuters travel here for Penn Station, artists live here for the closeness to Baltimore’s art school, MICA. Even in the midst of this action, Greenmount West has continued to decline, but our design reevaluates the community as the center and starting point of a greener Baltimore. The streetscape is redesigned as the green version of the existing stoop culture. Eventually the goal, was to lead towards a car free community aimed towards, walkability, public transportation and biking.

We followed our urban design by individually designing sites within Greenmount West. I chose the residential development, integrated as part of the existing homes. The courtyard scheme is prevalent in our master plan. My design served to close in one of these courtyards and transition from the bus line street to the private space within. I designed the courtyard to be particularly vital to the community, as the nursery for the greenery throughout the community. The residents in this complex are people struggling for work, but here they are both students and servants of the community. The classrooms and greenhouse are used to teach the residents how to care for the green spaces throughout the community.

Group Members:
Michael Costa
Wei Yee Lu
Sohayla Movahedi Lankarani

4th Year Penn State Architecture